About Us



My name is Linda, owner of Lavender Berry Cakes and Catering.

It is fair to say that I come from a long line of bakers and cooks. My paternal gran, Granny Jean, used to cater three or four events each Saturday, from parties to weddings. Every member of the family, aunts, uncles and cousins, were involved in these events! I remember getting the broken bits and cut offs to sample.

Granny Blanche, my maternal gran, made her own bread and I remember Sunday afternoons visiting and the smell of fresh baked bread. I loved her Almond Tart, which she used to make for me with so much love. My chicken casserole is based on her recipe.

My Dad is also a keen cook and makes a tasty curry, but, my main inspiration is my Mom. Her roast dinners are scrummy and fruit cakes are legendary! She took the time to teach me the basics, allowing me to experiment and do things my way.

I first started baking at the age of 10 and can remember making cakes, decorated with bright pink and green icing, for family and friends!

I love baking all sorts of cakes and goodies. Ask those who know me and they will tell you that baking and cooking is my passion - They would be right! I’m one of those people who wake up at all hours of the night with ideas for new creations and can't get back to sleep for wanting to start making them there and then!

In 2009 I made my first wedding cake (for a very special friend) and it was then that my dream of starting my own catering business was born. Since then, I have enjoyed creating a number of cakes for family and friends and have also overseen catering teams providing both savoury and sweet food for a number of events.

All of this has worked towards a new chapter in my journey...the launch of my own business, Lavender Berry!