Below are some examples of cakes that we have made, click on the links to see more details and pictures.

Birthday Cake – Melody

Chocolate fudge treasure chest with fondant icing, filled with an assortment of sweets on top of shortbread crumb.

30th Birthday Cake & Cupcakes – Barbara

Chocolate and cappuccino cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream and coffee mascarpone frosting. The top cake is cappuccino, covered with fondant. Decorated with sugar paste butterflies.

Wedding Cake – Jo

  Three tier, “naked” layer cake – chocolate fudge, lemon with lemon cream cheese frosting and cappuccino cake with coffee mascarpone frosting. Decorated with sunflowers, gypsum and fresh fruit. This cake was served as dessert with ice-cream.

Wedding Cake – Candice & Glendon

Three tier layer sponge cakes – chocolate fudge, caramel and cappuccino. Decorated with chocolate curls, chocolate shavings and maltesers.

1st Birthday Cakes – Anabelle & Esther

Anabelle’s cake – Chocolate layer cake with strawberry frosting and decorated with white chocolate fingers, sugar paste daisies and butterflies.Esther’s cake – Chocolate layer cake with lemon buttercream and decorated with sugar paste daisies and butterflies.